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Social Media Channels on Business Activities †

Question: Examine about the Social Media Channels on Business Activities. Answer: Presentation The cutting edge business world has been enormously affected by the development of web and particularly by the expanding utilization of the distinctive web-based social networking diverts in which most organizations have understood that these channels give extraordinary stages to upgrading business development and in any event, lessening the operational expenses of a business (Nowi?ski Rialp, p. 452, 2016). Numerous business associations have utilized distinctive online networking stages or channels for various purposes because of the progression of data innovation which has significantly affected how the organizations direct their business. Organizations have become because of the foundation of electronic business which includes the utilization of web and business innovation in a companys activities. Internet based life and person to person communication have changed most business scene both for organizations that have received the utilization of the channels and for the individuals who have not. It has been anticipated that the development of online life in business by the association will keep on expanding quickly (Sriwilai Charoensukmongkol, P. 431, 2016). In Australia, most organizations have embraced the utilization of web based life channels to help to different hierarchical or business advancement plan. Be that as it may, the level of use of the channels contrasts from private companies to medium and to enormous business association. The little scope organizations have been found to have minimal utilization of web based life with lost 26 rate utilizes (Fleck Johnson-Migalski, p. 140, 2015). The center organizations have been accounted for to have occupied with increasingly helpful business exercises utilizing internet based life contrasted with the little scope organizations with an expected 46 percent use. Notwithstanding, it has been discovered that about 80 percent of the enormous business association has progressively grasped the utilization of web-based social networking in their business activities. This article, along these lines, looks to break down the effect of online networking on their organizations of Virgin Australia Air Travel Company by understanding the different internet based life channels and how they have been utilized by the organization to improve its business tasks. The figure underneath shows some usually utilized online networking stages in business by various organizations and their anticipated increment as far as use constantly 2020. Virgin Australia Airlines Pty Limited is the second biggest aircraft in Australia and is situated in Bowen Hills, Brisbane. It was established in the year 1999 by Richard Branson a British agent and began its activities with two airplane working in a solitary course and has developed progressively to turn into the second biggest carrier in Australia legitimately serving 29 urban areas in Australia (MRAZOVA, p. 111, 2014). Along these lines for the aircraft to experience such a development in the business, it more likely than not had built up business procedures and for the most part promoting techniques to extend the tasks of the organization, augment its client or customer base through various set up channels. Probably the best channel that have added to the development of the organization has been its capacity to use different online life stages to upgrade business capacities inside the organization. The organization has depended on its online life for client relationship, for clie nt maintenance and expanding client base, for directing statistical surveying and item the executives, for building up or expanding the organization advantage in the business and for controlling expenses of activity, expanding deals for the air tickets just as encouraging smooth enlistment forms (D'alfonsoNastasi, p. 736, 2014). The organization has, subsequently, has been found to have an expanded utilization of its web based life channels, for example, the twitter, connected in, Facebook among others. Online life channels and how they are been utilized by the Virgin Australia Airlines The most widely recognized web-based social networking channels or stages utilized by the organization are the Facebook, Twitter and connected in just as the organization official web sites. The Facebook channel gives an incredible stage to cooperation with various clients structures different foundations and thusly causes the organization to comprehend the diverse culture of various gatherings by speaking with the gatherings and along these lines gives an extraordinary showcasing stage to the organization merchandise and ventures (Watkins Lee, p. 482, 2016). Twitter accounts are more official than Facebook records and along these lines might not have an incredible number of adherents when contrasted with Facebook yet plays out an exceptionally basic job as studies have indicated that most data conveyed by the organizations through their twitter social stages are increasingly trusted when contrasted with the data on Facebook where protection isn't greatly accentuated or controlled wh en contrasted with Twitter accounts which are altogether constrained by the organization. Another significant channel that has been utilized by the organization is the LinkedIn social stage which similarly as Twitter is likewise utilized for legitimate reasons for the organization and particularly in conveying significant organization news and commercial and above all utilized in the selecting activities of the organization (Gravili, p. 382, 2014). The organization has likewise made a site which can be gotten to by each client both the point of view and potential clients who might be needing to get familiar with the organization, the products and ventures they offer and collaborate one on one with the care staff of the organization for any explanation about the administrations gave by posing inquiries. These stages have in this manner contributed emphatically to the development and achievement of the organization and the organization is likewise investigating other social stages to proceed to wander and misuse their latent capacity even as the organization develops its administrations all inclusive. One of the most significant jobs of the web based life channels and that has incredibly upgraded administration arrangement by the organization to its customers and client is advancing client relationship the board. The development and achievement of an organization are controlled by the degree of fulfillment of the organization customers or clients with the products and enterprises offered by the organization. This can, along these lines, infer that clients can be supposed to be the best resources of an organization and thusly call for viable administration (Hood et al., p. 28, 2014). Probably the best bit of leeway of an internet based life stages and channels is the chance to reinforce the connections between an organization and its clients. Such connections and online association have helped the organization to pass on data with respect to its image. The organization has along these lines utilized Facebook to impart and publicize their carrier administrations and particularly thr ough messages which have been made in type of notices advancing the administrations of the aircrafts and urging their clients to need to utilize the carriers for various business and recreation travel. The organizations have discovered these stages valuable as a positive client relationship the board yields a positive input either through an informal exchange that is exponentially communicated over the interpersonal organization and furthermore through composed criticism messages. Clients can communicate their interests and even give proposals dependent on the administrations b gave by the organization so as to improve its administration conveyance (King et al., p. 245, 2014). The organizations have organized to make consistent and visit collaborations with their clients online as it is accepted that the more prominent the recurrence and level of commitment the more grounded the connection between the organization and its clients become and subsequently the more noteworthy the effect of the relationship on the organization air ticket deals, the more noteworthy the degrees of consumer loyalty and the more noteworthy the aircraft notoriety develops. Besides, these channels have become extraordinary foundation of advancing client maintenance and development of the organization client base. Examination has given that more than 60 percent of online networking clients who follow a specific brand or organization items or administrations normally end up or are bound to purchase the brand or item. This shows online life channels make a stage for expanding the organization client base by drawing in new clients every day who follow the organization administrations and items on the web based life channels (Nowi?ski Rialp, p. 448, 2016). For instance, using Facebook, the organization has had the option to pull in clients from various locales where they work in the 29 urban communities in Australia as the organization publicizes its voyaging bundles and administrations through recordings and different messages intended to promote the diverse client encounters utilizing the Virgin Australia Airlines. The development of the organization client base is accomplished by expanding the quantity of devotees of the organization brand through the channels and above all through the communicate of positive client input with respect to the organization and its items which help in drawing in new clients. The organization has likewise centered around building up a web-based social networking system where it can hold its current clients through improving their current connections by offering voyaging offer seasons or bundles a move that has been created by the organization because of the way that is simpler done to hold existing clients when contrasted with drawing in new clients (Gravili, p. 378, 2014). The web based life stages or channels of the organization are along these lines planned with the sole motivation behind helping the organization improve the clients levels of fulfillment with the organization administrations and brands. For the most part this capacity has been all around done u sing the organization Facebook stages just as the twitter account which gives steady organization updates to its adherents whenever there is any breaking news concerning the carriers or any significant data which should be conveyed to their viewpoint and possible clients. The figure underneath shows how web based life has been organized in enhan

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To Kill A Mocking Bird Essays (937 words) - To Kill A Mockingbird

To Kill A Mocking Bird To Kill A Mocking Bird manages numerous base and essential exercises in human instinct. The book uncovered numerous issues that influence a great many people for the duration of their lives. Scout, the primary character was one of the most influenced by these exercises. During the book she was presented to numerous significant encounters, which no uncertainty will leave an enduring impression. In the three years that the book occurred, she may have taken in the most significant things she will learn over as long as she can remember. One individual that influenced Scouts life was Boo Radley. He brought miracle, dread and afterward at long last help to her heart. From the start kids thought he was detestable. There were gossipy tidbits that while he cut out the paper for his piece book he drove the scissors into his parent's leg.(pg11) He had attempted to murder them. Despite the fact that this may have been only gossip the children were alarmed of the Radleys. They depicted him regularly as a beast six-and-a-half feet tall with bloodstained hands. He was said to eat crude squirrels and any felines he could catch.(pg12) During the remainder of the book Scout and partners attempted to meet Arthur (Boo) and get over their dread of him. They didn't succeed. Be that as it may, he indicated warmth for them by leaving them blessings in a tree. At long last toward the finish of the book he demonstrates he is a decent individual by sparing Scout and Jem's lives. In this occasion Scout may have discovered that to adversely prejudge somebody isn't right. She likewise learned sympathy. Scout additionally found out about the offensiveness of life. About death and agony. This exercise happened while her sibling needed to peruse to a wiped out and dieing old woman. This current woman's name was Mrs. Dubose. She had been a morphine someone who is addicted and had chosen to go clean till her passing. To pass on as a free ladies, to pass on realizing she had won. Scout portrays her as a monstrous woman and during their perusing meetings she would have a fit fits. Her head moved side to side. She would slobber. Her mouth appeared to have it's very own private presence. (pg.107) After many perusing meetings with her having a fit each time, she passed on one day. Likely the most notable individual in Scout's life was the person who had set the best models for her. This was Atticus. He showed Scout how to manage individuals. One of his lessons was to be the greater individual. At the point when Bob Ewell spit in Atticus' face and undermined his life, he didn't do anything and left. All he needed to state later was,I wish Bob Ewell wouldn't bite tobacco.(pg.217) Atticus responds with his mind not feelings. He urges Scout to do likewise. Another quality that he educates is regard. Regard for individuals who are unique. Individuals, for example, Boo Radley. The children had been showcasing a play which included Boo's scissor episode. They additionally attempted to give a letter to him, with the goal that he would come out to meet them. Atticus got some answers concerning the two occurrences. They were taken care of and advised to, quit tormenting that man. He at that point disclosed to them that, what Mr.Radley did was his own business.(pg.49) Atticus additionally deserved admiration for dark individuals. He once disclosed to Jem that if a white man swindles a dark man, regardless of what his identity is, the manner by which rich he is, or how fine a family he originates from, that man is trash.(pg.220) At the preliminary he additionally clarified that there are awful and acceptable dark men as there are acceptable and awful white men.(pg.204) Two additional models that helped Scout out. The primary was a significant model set by Atticus. He had been advised to safeguard Tom Robinson. The case was an act of futility since he was beat before he started, and it would carry hardship to himself and his family. He knew this, however didn't surrender. It was the correct activity. As he told his sibling, do you figure I could confront my youngsters otherwise(pg.88) Scout heard this discussion and comprehended it in later years. Again showing this gives her an important model; Stick to what you have faith in. An exercise in

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Media Sex and Violence - Past and Present Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Media Sex and Violence - Past and Present - Essay Example They are keen on shows that fulfill their forceful nature and in this way they move in the direction of accepting rough reports subliminally. While characterizing his media hypothesis, Sparks (2009, p.3) states that â€Å"Perhaps the impacts of media viciousness are hard for individuals to distinguish in themselves-despite the fact that the impacts are unquestionably present.† Negative impacts of sex and brutality on kids Parents and educators have consistently been concerned and searching for answers with respect to what impacts savagery and sex in media can engrave on youthful creating minds. As innovation media develops fundamentally and presents more up to date and more brilliant media types, the American youth is the first to get influenced because of expanded accessibility and moderateness of media sources. At the point when the network shows brutal projects, at that point it is to be accused in transforming the brains of the adolescents from ethical soundness to savager y. Savage media shows up with concerns identifying with dependence, tension, sadness, fierceness and hostility that create in youthful personalities. A decade ago has indicated an expansion in brutality rate among youngsters in the United States and studies show that kids are progressively being treated for outrage the executives because of the fierce shows and projects appeared on TV. Youngsters will in general have less-created capacity of dynamic or basic reasoning so they can't understand what's going on with what they are seeing and their psyches learn or retain each demonstration they see. At the point when a kid watches the savage or sexual acts, the vitality created by the dream shields the physical reactions from getting communicated. Thus, whenever this vitality gets its opportunity, it gets communicated in the reality. Besides, young ladies are encountering early monthly cycle and young men are going into youth early as a result of being presented to the striking network shows which rushes their adolescence. â€Å"Several longitudinal examinations have connected presentation to sex in the media to prior beginning of sexual intercourse†, says Wood (2009). Negative impacts of sex and viciousness on grown-ups â€Å"Research on fierce TV and ?lms, computer games, and music uncovers unequivocal proof that media brutality improves the probability of forceful and rough conduct in both quick and long haul contexts†, attest Anderson et al. (2003, p.81). They further express that savagery appeared in media is liable for the improvement of forceful conduct and contemplations among the grown-ups (Sics, 2011; Boxer et al., 2009). This can likewise bring about maltreatment seeing someone. Desensitization with respect to brutality and sex happens. The physiological excitement that outcomes from sexual substance appeared by media will in general start dissatisfaction which at that point turns out as mate misuse, assault, crimes, and sexual exercises. Research proposes that today, the quantity of grown-ups viewing brutal and sexual media through various media sources are expanding step by step and it is baffling to think about where it will wind up. Proposals Media proficiency is essential, both in the grown-ups and the youngsters. If there should be an occurrence of kids, it is significant for the guardians to turn out to be some parental intercession mediations so that the children’

Definition and Examples of Tmesis

Definition and Examples of Tmesis Tmesis is the division of the pieces of a compound word by another word or words, normally for accentuation or comic impact. The descriptive word structure isâ tmetic. Identified with tmesis is synchesis, the cluttering of word request in an articulation. Etymology: From the Greek, a cutting Pronunciation:â (te-)ME-sister Likewise Known As: infix, tumbarumba (Australia) Models and Observations Abso-mother lovin' lutely! I said triumphantly as I intellectually crossed my fingers. (Victoria Laurie, A Vision of Murder. Seal, 2005)Goodbye, Piccadilly. Goodbye, Leicester ridiculous Square. (James Marsters as Spike in Becoming: Part 2. Buffy the Vampire Slayer, 1998)Whoopdee-damn-doo, Bruce thought. At most papers, general task correspondents were newsroom eminence, given the most significant stories. At the East Lauderdale Tattler, they were an indent above janitors, and troubled with humble undertakings . . .. (Ken Kaye, Final Revenge. AuthorHouse, 2008)To convince individuals to continue viewing [the TV program Zoo Quest], [David] Attenborough gave the arrangement a target, an uncommon creature to seek after: picarthates gymnocephalus, the bare headed stone crow. He questioned this animal would be sufficiently appealing, however when his cameraman Charles Lagus was driving him down Regent Street in an open-top games vehicle and a transport driver inclined out of his taxi and solicited, in a perfect bit of tmesis, in the event that he was ever going to get that Picafartees gymno-wicked cephalus, he realized it had held up itself in the open psyche. (Joe Moran, Armchair Nation. Profile, 2013) This isn't Romeo, hes some other where. (William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet)In what torn boat soever I embark,That transport will be my emblemWhat ocean soever swallow me, that floodShall be to me a token of thy blood. (John Donne, Hymn to Christ, at the Authors Last Going Into Germany)Most frequently, tmesis is applied to mixes of ever. What direction so ever man allude to it (Milton); that manhow profoundly ever separated (Troilus and Cressida 3.3.96); how shocking eer it be,/To win thy after-adoration I pardon thee (Richard II 5.3.34). In any case, the syllable of any word can be isolated: Oh so flawless sitting abso-sprouting lutely still (A. Lerner and F. Lowe, My Fair Lady). Or on the other hand See his windlilycockslaced (G.M. Hopkins, Harry Plowman). Tmesis is additionally usually utilized as far as British slang, for example, hoo-ridiculous beam. (A. Quinn, Tmesis. Reference book of Rhetoric and Composition, ed. by T. Enos. Taylor Francis, 1996)Its a kind of long cocktail he got the recipe off a barman in Marrakesh or some-ridiculous where. (Kingsley Amis, Take a Girl Like You, 1960) I summoned up the fortitude to jab a camera through Terry Adamss front door a year ago, just to be met with a minders welcoming: Why dont you leave us a-f-ing-solitary. I wonder if the beast knew about his utilization of tmesis, the addition of single word into another? (Martin Brunt, How Terror Has Changed the Crime Beat. The Guardian, Nov. 26, 2007)old age sticksup KeepOffsigns) youth yanks themdown(oldagecries NoTres) (pas)youth laughs(singold agescolds Forbidden StopMustnt Dont) youth goesright ongrowing old(E.E. Cummings, mature age sticks)Gideon [Kent] knew [Joseph] Pulitzer, obviously. He respected the distributers request that his paper never become the hostage of any gathering or ideological group. Indegoddamnpendent was Pulitzers special method of putting it. (John Jakes, The Americans. Nelson Doubleday, 1980) Tmetic Rhythms At the point when you embed a word for accentuation be it fricking, bleeping, something ruder, or something less discourteous you cant simply stick it any old where. We know this in light of the fact that abso-cracking lutely is fine yet abdominal muscle cracking solutely or total cracking ly isn't. Regardless of whether its in a word, an expression, or a name-you stick the decided expansion directly before a focused on syllable, normally the syllable with the most grounded pressure, and regularly the last focused on syllable. What were doing, in prosodic terms, is embeddings a foot. . . . With regards to putting these additional feet in, we ordinarily break the word or expression as per the mood of what were embeddings. Regarding life, what to think about it, that is the issue is thought of as predictable rhyming, yet you wont break it between iambs if your intruding by walking is a trochee: To be or not to bleeping be, not To be or not bleeping to be . . . Yet, on the off chance that its an iamb? To be or not the hell to be, not To be or not to the hell be. See, these are impolite, intruding on words. Theyre breaking in and destroying the structure. That is the cracking point. Be that as it may, they despite everything do it with a musical inclination. (James Harbeck, Why Linguists Freak Out About Absofreakinglutely. The Week, December 11, 2014) The Split Infinitive as Tmesis A split infinitive has been somewhere else characterized as a kind of syntactic tmesis in which a word, particularly a modifier, happens among to and the infinitival type of an action word. Various marks have been utilized to name this specific requesting of English, spiked verb modifier or parted infinitive among others, yet the term split infinitive has in the long run supplanted every one of its ancestors (Smith 1959: 270). (Javier Calle-Martin and Antonio Miranda-Garcia, On the Use of Split Infinitives in English. Corpus Linguistics: Refinements and Reassessments, ed. by Antoinette Renouf and Andrew Kehoe. Rodopi, 2009)

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Tough Choices A Memoir

Craly Fiorina is one of the most commended ladies on the planet. She strived strategically to accomplish her business and political goals. Prominently, she competed for Californian Senate seat with a Republican ticket in 2009. Also, she was the CEO of Hewlett-Packard (1999-2005), ATT, and HP. She has likewise been an individual from the Board of Directors administering institutions.Advertising We will compose a custom book audit test on Tough Choices: A Memoir explicitly for you for just $16.05 $11/page Learn More Academically, she initiated her examinations as a law understudy in UCLA; be that as it may, she dropped out (as a key methodology) to fill in as an assistant for a half year at Marcus Millichap (a land company). Quite, she started to investigate practical market openings. â€Å"Her assurance earned her a presidential title† (Anders 45). In this unique circumstance, she was viewed as the leader of Hewlett-Packard Technological Company. Fiorina’s achievement la id for the most part on her desire, assurance, persistence, very much organized procedures, energy, and order in the domains of business enterprise. This is a basic arrangement when considered thoroughly. Being an aspiring business woman, Fiorina yielded a great deal of things to accomplish her fantasies. This fused her instructive vocation among other social arrangements. At a given point in her profession, she dropped out to utilize the rest of the piece of her investigations to set up her organizations (Fiorina, 33). In any case, this necessary a ton of capital, which she was unable to bear the cost of as at that point. She chose to look for work in one of the built up business enterprises named ATT where she filled in as a secretary. Afterward, because of her difficult work and experience, she was elevated to accept the jobs of a salesperson. Deliberately, Fiorina chose to promote her examinations in reasoning and medieval history. She bounced starting with one employment then o nto the next (HP, ATT, Hewlett-Packard, Cybertrust, and Lucent). This outfitted her with a great deal of authority and the board encounters, which she later used to deal with the recently referenced associations. Another factor that may have prompted Fiorina’s achievement was the media. The media contributed in making Fiorina popular. This was because of her difficult work and assurance. â€Å"The media showed her certain credits to the general public† (Fiorina 92). This was a basic arrangement with regards to success.Advertising Looking for book audit on correspondences media? How about we check whether we can support you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Apart from dealing with her own business, she created enthusiasm for innovation, organizing, and different business arrangements. She gave some portion of her time in the structure quarters; administering the Hewlett-Packard organizing organization. As indicated by her, prosperity can't be accomplished se parately. It is essential to interface with others. Simultaneously, one needs to expand or search for different other options. It is fundamental to comprehend the achievement arrangements of Fiorina as showed before. Today, Fiorina has stood apart to be one of the fruitful ladies around the world. She is a motivation to most ladies. Fiorina is as yet resolved to accomplish a portion she had always wanted despite the fact that they are presently cutting-edge. â€Å"She accepts that after an individual has accomplished a portion they had always wanted, it is crucial to progress further† (Fiorina, 67). In one of the gatherings (in the U.S.), Fiorina gave out a discourse to spur the up and coming business people. As of now, Fiorina is resolved to guarantee mechanical systems administration around the world. Aside from this, she likewise helps business and beneficent associations to accomplish their points and destinations. â€Å"Being a systems administration chief at Hewlett-Pa kard, she has sponsored the expense of business organizing provisions† (Fiorina 56). This has helped the up and coming business people or traders to support their organizations. This demonstrates Fiorina is cooperative person in the domains of business. Unequivocally, a portion of the key factors that prompted Fiorina’s achievement included assurance, expansion, difficult work, and penance. Without these, Fiorina couldn't have accomplished a portion she had always wanted. Works Cited Anders, George. Impeccable Enough: Carly Fiorina and the Reinvention of Hewlett-Packard. New York: Portfolio, 2004. Print. Fiorina, Carly. Extreme Choices: A Memoir. New York, NY: Portfolio, 2007. Print.Advertising We will compose a custom book audit test on Tough Choices: A Memoir explicitly for you for just $16.05 $11/page Learn More This book audit on Tough Choices: A Memoir was composed and presented by client GitHoskins to help you with your own examinations. You are allowed to utilize it for research and reference purposes so as to compose your own paper; nonetheless, you should refer to it as needs be. You can give your paper here.

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Sample on Business Laws in the USA

Sample on Business Laws in the USA The Effectiveness of Business Laws in the USA Feb 4, 2019 in Business Introduction Antitrust and competition laws aim at ensuring that the lowest price possible is charged for the provision of high quality services and goods customers are acquiring. The demand and supply forces in the market significantly determine, control, or influence the prices of products. However, the market is not always perfect. Entities may take over it and exploit consumers totally. Similarly, the latter may exploit businesses driving them to a closure. In such situations, companies have an impact. The competition laws allow businesses to freely place their products in the marketplace and promote them in order to attract a market share (International Trade Administration, 2013). Laws that tough on the international business allow foreign entities to conduct business activities in America due to United States based businesses explore the global market. Although some additional regulations should be implemented, the present ones are quite effective since they further competitive business pr actices.

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Braiding the Strands of Culture Interweaving Hair and Power in Adichie’s Americanah - Literature Essay Samples

Four braids wrap around the cover of Americanah, binding the stories and experiences of race within. Stories of realising one’s own race and how it changes your mobility in different places. Stories of understanding power. In Americanah, Adichie uses hair as a metaphor for race and the level of power it affords, challenging her intended audience of white, Western liberals’ assumptions about race and the depth at which racial inequality is entrenched within America today. Americanah, a story of modern conceptions of race, insightfully begins with a journey from Princeton University to a Trenton hair salon, where the playing out of power will occur throughout the narrative. Adichie makes clear the distance, literally and metaphorically, between the â€Å"clean streets and stately homes, the delicately overpriced shops, and the quiet, abiding air of earned grace† (3) with very few other black people, and the neighbourhood she can get her hair done. This Adichie describes in stark contrast: â€Å"the part of the city that had graffiti, dank buildings, and no white people† (10). Within the first ten pages, Adichie has established opposing worlds of race and correlated power. This is the primary setting where hair, and the power it symbolizes, â€Å"happens.† What occurs here will appropriately be interspersed throughout the stories of Ifemelu and Obinze’s experiences in nations Adichie portrays as places where white privilege a nd power dictates society. Within the salon, the audience sees the same power dynamics that occur in the protagonists’ stories. Occurring simultaneously are stories of African immigrants attempting to integrate into Western society, all who come from different countries and may even speak different languages, for example Mariama’s interspersed French dialogue. Aisha, like Obinze, is desperate to procure citizenship through marriage. There is also a level of respect afforded to those the most Americanized, seen in Ifemelu’s offense when Aisha assumes she has not lived in America long, and Aisha’s respectful reaction when Ifemulu tells her it has been fifteen years (19). These exchanges purvey a deeply entrenched ideal of power that is associated with America and its â€Å"people.† Adichie shows us this ideal integrated in white privilege with Kelsey’s notable appearance. The moment the â€Å"young white woman came in† (232), the power dynamic of the room shifted. The owner Mariama, who had casually greeted Ifemulu and gave her little attention, suddenly â€Å"wip[ed] her hands over and over in front of her shorts† and â€Å"smiled an overly eager smile† (232). The white-skinned Kelsey is given respect and power the moment she steps foot on the setting where American race issues are represented. Kelsey easily accepts and fills the role she unconsciously does in her society, having the power and privilege of being white. She is without question given and takes a voice over the room, dominating the conversation. Quick to condescend, Kelsey assumes that Mariama â€Å"couldn’t even have this business back in [her] country† (232), that her children would have a worse life in Mariama’s home country Mali, as well as questions its social progress by asking if women are allowed to vote. Kelsey represents the assumptions that those in power are able to make, following the dialogue of the Afropolitan novels that Adichie aims to criticize. These narratives stereotype African characters as those with little agency who look to Western culture for mobility and stability (Sayers). Kelsey affirms this by touting novel Bend in the River, which from her social position she is able to confidently label as a truthful representation of modern Africa, even when speaking to Ifemelu, who succinctly criticizes this Afropolitan novel. Adichie writes: She did not think the novel was about Africa at all. It was about Europe, or the longing for Europe, about the battered self-image of an Indian man born in Africa, who felt so wounded, so diminished, by not having been born European, a member of a race which he had elevated for their ability to create, that he turned his imagined personal insufficiencies into an impatient contempt for Africa; in his knowing haughty attitude to the African, he could become, even if only fleetingly, a European. (233-234) It is these exact assumptions of Kelsey and Afropolitan narratives that Adichie wishes to draw out in her intended audience. Ifemelu â€Å"recognized in Kelsey the nationalism of liberal Americans who copiously criticized America but did not like you to do so; they expected you to be silent and grateful, and always reminded you of how much better than wherever you came from America was† (233). Americanah does not read as a story written for Nigerians or even Africans, but as one for white, liberal Westerners criticized in this passage, who are interested and against racism yet fail to see its reality from their place of p rivilege. Misunderstandings and assumptions of this audience are seen in Kelsey’s last moments in the salon, when she is shocked to discover that hair is used for braiding: â€Å"[o]h my God. So that’s how it’s done. I used to think African-American women with braided hair had such full hair!† Not only is she assuming that all black women are African-American, but she is apparently blind the reality of braided hair, which in this story represents the natural, â€Å"God-given† symbol of race versus relaxed hair. Kelsey non-surprisingly sticks to her own hair, appropriating a piece of black culture but symbolically refusing to acknowledge or take on the loss of power it provokes in America. Upon Kelsey leaving the salon, Ifemelu remembers Curt, another symbol of white privilege, with whom she worked out the loss of power associated with her African hair. Following the advice of Americanized Aunt Uju and Ruth, Ifemelu chemically relaxes her hair and obtains the â€Å"white-girl swing† (251) that, Adichie implies, wins her a job. The chemically relaxation is a symbol of the shedding of her natural African race to take on a standard of stereotypical American white beauty, and through it clearly gaining power. In a response to Ifemelu’s struggle with her hair, Curt, like Kelsey, does â€Å"not see why she should be so upset but was better off not saying so† (259), thus reinforcing Adichie’s criticism of white audiences through the portrayal of her white characters of privilege and power. Ifemelu asks in her blog, â€Å"So is it me or is that the perfect metaphor for race in America right there? Hair† (367). Adichie, with astounding clarity and creativity, has answered this query. Those with â€Å"American† hair are granted power, and the closer non-whites can get to mimicking that appearance, the more they may acquire themselves. People today, especially Americanah’s target audience of privileged readers, are largely blind to modern racism. Therefore, Adichie substitutes skin colour for hair to illustrate that while audiences may believe their own â€Å"colourblindness,† prejudices continue to be deeply entrenched in America today. Works Cited Adichie, Chimamanda Ngozi. Americanah. Toronto, Vintage Canada, 2014. Sayers, Jentery. â€Å"Americanah.† English 429C, University of Victoria, Victoria. 23 March 2017.